fMRI Response Pads

for Current Designs, Inc.

2005 - 2008

Current Designs specializes in the design and fabrication of MRI-safe computer input devices for use in neuroscience research studies. Typically in these studies, subjects lie in an MRI machine while looking at a projected computer screen and perform tasks such as answering multiple choice questions. Researchers can then view scans of the subjects’ brains from the precise moment a task is performed, as well as the moments before and after. 

The input devices are entirely plastic-based and use fiber optic rather than electronic components, to prevent interference in the imaging data that would be caused by ferrous materials. Because the market for these devices is small, most mass-production methods were impractical. Everything was designed for production with in-house bench-top CNC machines or low-volume molding. 

Shown here is a 3-Button Response pad with a custom molded enclosure and it’s fiber optic interface box, and study models for a video-game style controller.